I am available to teach post-secondary courses, speak on panels, give lectures and deliver workshops.

In September 2022 I began co-teaching a course in daily news reporting for the Broadcast and Online Journalism program at BCIT, in Burnaby, B.C.

Previous public speaking engagements include UBC Allard Law’s Social Justice Law Conference, Toronto Star Newsroom, New West Secondary School’s Literary Festival, and the Canadian University Press’s annual conference, NASH 82.

I have several pre-created workshops and lectures available but I can also create a workshop to meet your needs, as long as it relates to topics I’m comfortable speaking about.


• Reporting on Queer and Trans Rights amidst Rising Global Fascism

• Interviewing Marginalized People: How Journalists can Approach and Write with Sensitivity

• What is Journalism in a Post-Truth Era and How Does it Affect Me?

• Freelance Journalism: Why Building Relationships is the Key to Success

• Freelance Journalism: Protecting Yourself Through Contracts and Liability Insurance

• Freelance Copywriting: How to Build a Client Base and Negotiate Contracts

• Networking for Writers and Journalists: Practice Building Confidence
In this workshop you’ll distill down what it is that you do, and practice explaining it to people. We’ll discuss business cards, introducing yourself, and following up.

• How Cisgender Journalists can Report on Transgender Rights


• How Newsrooms can Follow Through on their Commitments to Diversity

• Reporting on your Own Community: Experiences Reporting on LGBTQ2S + Communities as a Queer Person

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